Sheryl NieldsSheryl Nields

Advisory Board

The work of Sheryl Nields represents 15 years of perfectly orchestrated chaos. In addition to her stills, Sheryl has worked with various forms of motion, ranging from directing commercials to designing virtual experiences. Most recently she created an installation for Dell computers featured at SXSW, and is consulting for experiential visuals through stories and spaces. From her earliest published work to commissions for Paramount Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox and Fox Searchlight, Focus Features, Interscope, Sony Music, Hollywood Records, Esquire, Elle and Entertainment Weekly, each of her images testifies to a creative environment in which intensity and spontaneity are fused in perfect balance. A graduate of Parson’s School of Design, Sheryl is also an inductee into the Modern Masters series. She lives in Venice with her cat, The Cheese.

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