Thioce Est ONCAD

Thioce Est ONCAD

REACH – Thioce Est ONCAD

The village of Thioce Est ONCAD, is located in the Thies region. Most of the people are subsistence farmers who rear livestock and grow corn, hibiscus, millet and beans.

With your help, the people of Thioce Est ONCAD now have increased access to education that will help effect change in the lives of children, parents, and grandparents for generations. Each new school helps Senegal increase literacy rates one community at a time.

Thioce Est ONCAD Old

Before Construction
At the time of construction, Thioce Est ONCAD had one government supported primary school, with 128 students (64 girls and 64 boys). Two teachers taught two grade levels in one temporary classroom made out of sewn together supply bags. Students walked as far as 3 kilometers to another community with suitable classrooms for learning.

Thioce building

After Construction
The new school in Thioce EST has two classrooms and two gender-specific latrines. It is furnished with desks, seats, and permanent chalkboards. The project broke ground on November 22, 2015, and was completed on December 27, 2015. Community members provided a combined 502 volunteer workdays and students have already began attending classes in their new school.

New school in Thioce

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