REACH – Malawi

IAPW has funded the construction of 6 schools in Malawi, which is one of the least developed countries in the world. The vast majority of Malawians live in rural areas in communities where up to 90% of adults are unable to read and write.

Why Malawi?

of the least developed countries in the world


of rural Malawians are unable to read or write


of adults age 15-49 are infected with HIV/AIDS

Fwifwi, Malawi

Malawi, a landlocked country in southeast Africa, is home to nearly 14 million people. It is one of the most densely populated and least developed countries in the world. Malawi claims one of the highest rates of HIV/AIDS, with 15% of adults age 15-49 already infected, and a growing number of children orphaned by this disease.

Founded in the 1920s, the community of Fwifwi is located 48 km from the main road. The community members are mostly small scale farmers who grow tobacco, groundnuts, and maize. The nearest medical clinic is located 45 km away.

Malawi Old School Exterior

Malawi Old School Interior

Before Construction
At the time of construction, there were 569 children (289 girls and 280 boys) enrolled in school. Eight teachers taught eight grade levels, and there were just two suitable classrooms.

Malawi New School

Malawi New School

After Construction
The new school block in Fwifwi has 2 large classrooms. It is made with more than 50,000 fired clay bricks molded by community members, a poured concrete floor, and a corrugated metal roof. The project broke ground on April 8, 2014, and was completed on June 1, 2014, 14 days ahead of schedule. Community members provided a combined 5,481 volunteer workdays and students began attending classes in their new school at the beginning of June 2014.

Malawi New School

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