REACH – Marc, Haiti

Founded in the early 1800s, Marc is a community of approximately 3,000 people and is located 33 km from the buildOn office. The primary income-generating activities are livestock breeding and farming of beans, corn, millet, and yam. Villagers get their water from a spring, and the closest medical clinic is 9 km away.

“Our children are learning in bad conditions. I hope people who have good heart will help build this school. I just would like this dream to come true in my lifetime.” – Villager Dumont Beatine, age 40

Old School

Before Construction
Although formal education has been available in Marc since 1940, there was no formal school building. At the time of construction, 270 children were enrolled in classes. Students from grades 1st to 6th studied with nine teachers in makeshift classrooms.

Building the New School

IAPW contributes the engineering, materials, skilled labor, and project supervision. Each village provides the land, local materials such as sand, and the unskilled labor to build the school. Additionally, every village promises to send girls and boys to school in equal numbers.

New School

After Construction
The new school block in Marc has 3 classrooms made with a poured concrete floor, cinderblock walls reinforced with rebar, and a corrugated metal roof. The project broke ground on February 14, 2014, and was completed on April 25, 2014. Community members provided a combined 1,496 volunteer workdays and were able to complete construction in 13 week.


New School

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