REACH – Carre, Haiti

Community Profile
The community of Carre is located in southern Haiti, about 28 km from the buildOn office in Les Cayes. Almost 20 of those kilometers must be traveled on an unpaved dirt road. Carre was chosen as a buildOn project site after a local organization called OPAK sent a letter of petition to the buildOn office in Haiti. Upon visiting the area, buildOn staff found a clear need and many willing volunteers in Carre

The people of Carre are farmers who grow corn, beans millet and peanuts as their staple crops and also raise animals to support their families. There are two nearby rivers: Saint Thomas and Ravin Seche. The closest medical clinic is a 5 km walk, moto taxi or bicycle ride away.


Current School Conditions
Ecole Communautaire de Carre
There are currently 3 teachers teaching grades 1 through 4 in Carre. There are 95 students enrolled in school. Formal education has been available here since 2010. There is no permanent school structure in the community. Some students walk to other communities about 5 km away to attend classes.

New School

School Project
The new school block in Carre has 3 classrooms made with a poured concrete floor, cinderblock walls reinforced with rebar, and a corrugated metal roof. The project broke ground on July 6, 2013, and was completed on September 1st, 2013. Community members provided a combined 356 volunteer workdays and were able to complete construction a week ahead of time. Students began attending classes in their new school in October 2013.

Interior of New School

Community Contribution

  • Unskilled labor: 20 workers (10 women and 10 men) per day, six days per week
  • Commitment to educating girls and boys equally
  • The land on which the school will be built
  • High quality local materials: sand, gravel, water & rocks
  • Volunteer management committee made up of 12 villagers (six women, six men)
  • Lodging for Field Coordinator and skilled laborers in local homes
  • Basic construction tools when available (picks, buckets, etc.)

IAPW Contribution

  • Engineering and architecture
  • Construction materials (excluding local materials) for school and latrine
  • Skilled labor and plans needed to build the school
  • Project management (buildOn coordinators)
  • Instruction in basic construction techniques

“The school has changed the community by providing better learning environment to the most needed children in our community. The community school of Carre has been created from the education crises facing some children who stayed at home because they could not pay to go to private schools. The principal of the school saw an opportunity and created this school so the poorest can be enrolled. Today, the school not only is being nationalized but the construction materializes the dream of hundred students.” – Pierre Jean Rosaire, community leader, age 40.

New School

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