Rural Education and Community Harmony

Illiteracy drives poverty. By building schools in the world’s poorest countries, In a Perfect World is helping create educated communities whose young members have the knowledge to change their futures. So far we’ve built 30 schools in Mali, Malawi, Senegal, Burkina Faso, Haiti, Nicaragua and Nepal through our partnership with buildOn. In 2019, we’ll build our first school in Guatemala in partnership with School the World. Collectively, our schools serve more than 5,000 students, breaking the cycle of poverty and promoting gender equality.







Education empowers children to reach their full potential & secure a brighter future

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Change starts with one person! Start a campaign today to help end the education crisis. $35,000 funds an entire school in one of our partner countries.

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Help provide access to quality education for children living in poverty. Just $22 sends one more child to school in a nurturing and stable environment.

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