FAQs for School Dedicated to Prince

1 – The school that IAPW is building “for Prince” is not a “Prince school”, nor will it be named as such. It will be an In a Perfect World school, which our founder has chosen to dedicate to the memory of her former husband.

2 – This is not our first school. We funded the first one in 2009 and have since constructed 21 more schools in the world’s poorest countries. The next school on the schedule to be built is in Malawi, followed by Haiti later this year.

3 – Our schools are in 7 different countries outside of the US. IAPW’s first choice for the school was Mali, but it is high on the terrorist threat list right now. In fact, our partner’s employee was just killed in a terrorist attack in the capital a few months ago. Of the other countries we build in, IAPW chose Malawi because of its rich culture & music, but also because it is 1 of the poorest countries in the world, 90% of rural Malawians cannot read or write, and 15% of the population has AIDS. It is a sliver of a country but it also has high rates of infant mortality, violence against women, child labor and the like.

4 – While it is a lovely idea, we do not build schools in the US and would therefore not be best equipped to start now. We do, however, support children in classrooms where more than 85% of the students live under the poverty line. More on that here – https://www.iapw.org/donors_choose

5 – IAPW has not, in 10 years, ever had a “fundraiser”. It has been completely self-funded since inception. Our first fundraising campaign actually just launched on earlier this month, which is a trikeathon for St Jude Research Hospital. Lucia’s goal was $1000 but she surpassed it. Go Lucia!

6 – The Malawi school is not being funded by an “estate” nor have we asked anyone to fund anything. However, there has been an out-pouring of people who want to participate and honor Prince in some way. To that end, a generous donation was indeed made by NPGUK and per their request, it has been put towards an IAPW school as a tribute to Prince. This simple act has since attracted an additional $2000. All donations are directed toward whatever program a donor advises us that they would like to support.

7 – The cost of a school funded by IAPW is between $27-$35K, depending on the country. The schools that we’ve funded are not fancy. They are 3 room primary schools in remote villages of the world. You can see further details and see pictures here – www.iapw.org/REACH

8 – IAPW was founded 11 years ago. IAPW has been named a “Top Charity” in the US and gained 5-star ratings because of our commitment to transparency, efficiency and because 100% of donations have always gone directly to programs. We do not have an “admin” cost that is taken off the top.

9 – The school that will be dedicated to Prince will not be a music school. While we have done music programming for under-served kids, there are no IAPW music schools. Our goal with the REACH program is to bring quality education in a safe and nurturing environment to people who have previously had limited or zero access. The music comes at the celebration ☺

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