Jojo DominickJojo Dominick

Youth Advisory Board

Twenty-three year old Jojo Dominick has had a heart to empower and motivate the next generation from the time she was a young girl. Being the youngest child of a bi-racial military family, her view on the world was shaped at a young age. Through her involvement with IAPP, Jojo has been able to see how much beauty there is in the world by being exposed to the surrounding the non-profit has taken her. In addition to traveling with IAPP to build relationships and provide those less fortunate with resources, Jojo has also gone to Haiti and recently Guatemala to continue planting the seed of A Perfect World in the lives of children with different backgrounds, race, religion and ethnicity. Through her connection to Manuela, she has been able to do what she loves most, meeting new people and making an impact on the world, specifically the younger generation.

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