Grantsburg Library

A dozen community members gather at the library Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, sip coffee, socialize, and set up headsets and tape recorders, all in anticipation of the moment a troop of energetic children will bustle into the calm library.

The children come to the Grantsburg Library to work on reading skills, like fluency and comprehension. They utilize the nationally recognized “Read Naturally” materials to strengthen these skills. With the program, students work one-on-one with a volunteer from the local community.

The hard working, motivated children are making real strides and so is the program. This year’s enrollment is the highest participation level ever and program coordinators have plans to extend the service to children into the summer months.

Needs of more and more children are being met since a 2500 square foot addition was added onto the existing library in the Fall of 2014. The addition more than doubled the library’s community program space and created areas much more conducive to learning.

Before, space to house the growing program was tight. Volunteers and participates often read together in noisy hallways or had to work sitting on the floor of the library. People would visit the library on Tuesday or Thursday afternoon when the program was running and not have a place to sit and read or work.

 Grantsburg Library

Now, with the assistance of a donation from In a Perfect World children participating in the Afterschool Reading Program have a quiet place to work on building their reading skills and have equipment that functions properly. The kids are becoming strong readers; a skill that will serve them a lifetime!

 Grantsburg Library

In a Perfect World’s generous donation enabled the library to purchase 11 tables and 36 chairs for the new Library Learning Center.

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