Everyday Kindness

Inspiring young people through empathy and connection.

We have expanded our youth empowerment programs—designed to cultivate creativity, social consciousness, and leadership—into a virtual model so that kids everywhere can join the movement. 

Bella's Masks for Heroes

Youth Ambassador, Bella, was inspired to sew masks for our everyday heroes, essential workers who are on the front line risking their lives to help our communities.

Hazel's Pay it Forward Packages

Hazel, one of our Youth Ambassadors, created care packages for her friends and encouraged them to pay it forward by creating something like it for three others. Get inspired by Hazel and share your packages with us.

Lucia & Luna's Seed Hearts

Plants give us oxygen and help clean our air. Planting trees and native plants is one way we can beautify our communities, reduce pollution, and nurture the planet we live on. Making seed hearts is a fun way to have a positive impact on the environment.

Make an Upcycled Bird Feeder

Did you know that all young people have the power to change the world? Earth Day gives us the opportunity to think about how we can help our planet. Even something as simple as feeding birds can help us understand that we have an impact on everything around us.

Welcome to our hub of inspiration and activities for connection and service

Activities for families and educators looking to add service-based education in the form of mini-lessons to foster empathy, compassion, and kindness.

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My perfect summer!

Summer means lots of fun! It’s also about trying new things, setting fun goals, and exploring new places! Use images and your own ideas to show all the things you can do on your My Perfect Summer Vision Board!

Self-Care Challenge

If we want to help others, we have to take care of ourselves first! Check out our 12-day Summer Self-Care challenge for kids and families! 

Upcycled Bird Feeders

Making a Bird Feeder - Hands in Seeds

Make an upcycled bird feeder and learn how we have an impact on everything around us.

Make Seed Hearts

Seed Hearts

Beautify your neighborhood by making seed hearts.

2021 Time Capsule

IAPW | EverydayKindness 2020 Time Capsule

You are living through history right now. Take time to reflect on this experience and create a record to remember, from RAK Foundation.

A Day of Action

IAPW +Kids for Peace | Day of Action

Spark conversations about injustice and allow your voice be heard by expressing those feelings to your community.

In My Perfect World

In My Perfect World

Imagining your perfect world can help you to find your passion and discover options to serve others.

Starfish breathing

IAPW Starfish Breathing 2020

Kids and parents are trying their best to learn and work at home. Use this video to help you remember to breathe and relax. 

Birthday Parade

IAPW Birthday Parade!

Show your friends you care by organizing a birthday party parade. Celebrate while still observing physical distancing. 

Links for Love

IAPW +Kids for Peace | Links for Love

Join us and Kids for Peace to create the world’s longest paper-chain with messages of love and hope.

Write a Letter

IAPW | Write a Letter

Write a letter to essential workers thanking them for their service. Draw a picture for them on the back!

Host a Storytime

IAPW | Storytime with @gabriellenevaeh

Connect with friends and family by hosting a storytime. Watch the video with our changemaker champion @gabriellenevaeh.

Meditation Centering

IAPW | Talking About Bias and Hate

Meditation can help regulate emotions and bring awareness. Use this guide to meditating with your family.

Family Wish Jar

Family Wish Jar

Why not turn your dreams into something to look forward to?

Helping Kids Discuss the Virus


Help your child express feelings with this fun & informative tool.

Helping Kids Cope Book

Illustration from Helping Kids Cope Book

Kids can learn how to protect themselves and manage difficult emotions with the help of this story book.

Sew Masks for Heroes

Sew masks for essential workers who are on the front line risking their lives to help our communities.

Cards to Stay Connected

Making Cards

Connect with friends, family & those in need of support with a personal note.

love rocks for neighbors

Love Rocks

Show love for your community by making love rocks as tokens of connection.

Pay it Forward Packages

Care Package

Create care packages for friends and encourage others to pass along the love.

Busy Boxes

IAPW | EverydayKindness 2020 Time Capsule

Many kids in foster care are struggling to find engaging activities. Build activity “busy” boxes for kids in need. 

DIversity Book List

IAPW Diversity Book List 2020

Instill an appreciation for diversity in our youngest generation with our list of recommended books for your child. 

Discuss Bias & Hate

IAPW | Talking About Bias and Hate

Encourage a dialogue with your child and focus their natural empathy into action. Provided by The Anti-Defamation League.

Immunity Care Package

Create wellness baskets for isolated seniors, brightening their day with a doorstep delivery.

Maddi’s Fridge

IAPW +Kids for Peace | Day of Action

Read a story of friendship that addresses childhood hunger, find related activities, and learn what you can do in your own community.

I Have a Dream

I Have a Dream mobile

Help your child envision how their dreams can make an impact on their family, their community and the world.

Gratitude for Delivery Workers

Lucia Leaving Out Snacks for Delivery Workers

Show gratitude to delivery personnel for their hard work.

Kyree’s Sidewalk Chalk

sidewalk chalk saying love and be kind

Share messages of hope, encouragement, and gratitude in your community.

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