Through our Dreamcatchers program, In a Perfect World supports community-based organizations and educators that implement innovative strategies and programs designed to allow youth to express themselves about issues that impact their lives and to reach their full potential.

Rocketship Rise Academy Afterschool Arts

Over the course of approximately 30 weeks (Mid-November to Mid-June), children aged 5-10 years old Rocketship Rise Academy will participate in our Afterschool Arts Club Program to gain exposure to, learn about and apply ART to the benefit of themselves and those around them. Launched in partnership with P.A.I.N.T.S Institute, the signature arts program is based on curricula that is designed to teach and foster civility, cognitive development, STEAM, problem solving, career aptitude planning through gaming, and communication.


Free Arts

In a Perfect World has been a long time supporter of arts empowerment activities for children & youth in foster care, transitional housing and abuse treatment centers. Our work with Free Arts Minnesota provides a safe environment for you to engage in healing self-expression and build positive relationships with caring adults.

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Donors Choose

In a Perfect World has provided over $95,000 to support high poverty schools. Through our Double Your Impact campaign with Donors Choose, we engaged another $95,000, allowing us to provide materials and resources to 21,000+ students. Thank you for helping support teachers as they strive to give students meaningful and successful educational experiences.

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