Donors Choose

Donors Choose

“We must help the neediest schools and students get the learning resources they need to bridge the economic gap in the 21st Century.” ~ Manuela Testolini, IAPW Founder

In partnership with Donors Choose, In a Perfect World is working to ensure that children and youth in every community have the tools they need for a successful education. We have received and supported hundreds of teacher requests, a few of which you can see below.

From Our Teachers:

Our Desktop Computer Broke!

students using new computers

As I am sure you know technology is something even kids love. Having a new desktop computer is greatly appreciated by the students in my class. They understand that a newer computer is a faster computer and it is popular.

They love to play math games and starfall and mathisfun and other such learning games from free learning websites. Since money is scarce in the public schools for items like new computers with their full service contracts and such, it is nice to be able to ask donors like you to step in and buy an less expensive new computer for the class. it is better for them to enjoy a new computer now than use the barely working one longer until that one might one day be replaced.

Thank you for your contribution to the class and filling the void.

With gratitude,
Mr. Dillon

Listen Up! We Are Reading!

students with reading materials

Thank you, for your support and generosity. It has been so wonderful to see the impact of your gift in my classroom. My students think its amazing to have been given wireless headphones to use in our listening center. The great thing is I can play the story by remote while I am working with a small group and another small group can be listening several feet away from the CD player in our “cozy” library and listen to their favorite stories again and again.

I think that having this technology in our classroom is exactly what is expected of today’s kindergartener. They know how to work and select their MP3s and tracks on the CDs. They can manage their independent learning time. We have also recorded students reading favorite text and then they listen and follow the text along with their peers, all on wireless headphones, without the worry of tangling or tearing.

As a teacher in a STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Classroom, I am so happy to be able to provide up to date technology to my students. It is all in thanks to donors like you.

With gratitude,
Ms. Briscoe

Bounce, Bounce, Everybody Bounce!

students with balls

Thank you so much for funding our P.E. project.

The students and I have enjoyed using all the balls and beanbags so much! The catch-throw only balls are soft and weighted with sand. They have been a wonderful non-threatening tool for my students to use during P.E. All students, including my shy and apprehensive athletes, are able to practice their motor skills, throwing and catching the balls.

We are using the green playground balls to practice dribbling skills and shooting baskets. It makes such a difference when there are enough balls for each child to have one instead of having to wait until someone is done.

The bean bags have been a resource for not only eye and hand coordination, but are used to teach position words as well. This is especially beneficial to my English learners as they develop vocabulary, because they have something concrete to use when learning concepts like on, off, in front, behind, left, and right.

We are eager to use the plastic base markers when we work our way up to more structured games like kickball and baseball! Thank you so much for providing my students and I with equipment needed for an effective physical education program! It is truly appreciated! My students will benefit from your kindness as they develop their physical skills and engage in activity to keep their minds and bodies healthy!

With gratitude,
Ms. Fung

A Stereo Receiver to Rock the Classroom


Thank you! This stereo will be fantastic ! We’re going to have tons of fun with it: Dancing, singing, letting loose…. The beginning of the new school year will get off to a great start as we get right into singing and learning new songs, such as “This Land is Your Land” by Woody Guthrie, and “Count on Me” by Bruno Mars. I use Spotify to stream any song I like for free, so we listen to a variety of versions of any song we choose. We will learn many songs over the course of the year. Your donation is greatly appreciated. Ever see the movie Microcosmos? It’s a film documenting the lives of insects and other small creatures. My students will watch as they hear the sounds of wasps as they are born, ladybugs eating aphids, spiders preparing dinner. It’s marvelous.

Thanks again for your generosity.

With gratitude,
Mr. Linley

We are Math Wiz KidZZZZ in Need of ManipulativeZZZ!


My students and I are very excited about our new math hands on materials. My students will now have the opportunity to work in small groups and/or independently using materials that correlate with the standards they are learning. We were able to use “The Fact Family House Chart” during instruction and all my students become active participants as they created their own fact families. The interaction was fun for them and I. We have also began to work with our addition and subtraction cards, they are looking forward to memorizing math facts that will ease the transition to higher grades mathematics standards.

Again thank you for your generosity, my students and I greatly appreciated!

With gratitude,
Ms. Galiano

Help! Basic Supplies Needed!!


Please help us! Our classroom can not function properly without basic supplies. We have a broke pencil sharpener that can not be replaced so students have to use the small, individual, plastic pencil sharpeners that I purchased from the nickel and dime store. We are even running out of pencils!

I can’t fully express my joy, excitement, and thanks for your donation to my project. It is great to see that you share my vision for teaching children and in importance of having a basic supplies classroom.

The supplies that you have funded will enabled students to have a better learning environment. The pencil sharpener and pencils are greatly needed and will be used on a daily basis.

Only generous donors like you could help improve the kids` education as well as their character. I thank you for your generosity.

With gratitude,
Ms. Telebrico

Butterfly Display


I wanted to thank you again for your donation and making our classroom a space of discovery. We love the butterfly display because it adds that special touch to our room.

My 4th graders look at it daily and we are able to reference the display often. Just this past week, Andy made a connection that blew me away. He said that a chemical reaction in the rock cycle is like a butterfly. “You can’t turn the butterfly back to the pupa. It’s changed. That’s just like a metamorphic rock. The sediments have changed.” As you can imagine, I almost fell over with joy! I truly believe that the butterfly display helped Andy bridge the connection. His seat faces the display and once he made his statement, the rest of my class looked at the butterflies and had an “ah-ha moment.”

I also have to share that any visitor is immediately drawn to the butterflies. They are eye-catching and people become mesmerized. Every Friday I have to kick our student council members out because they want to spend time to look at our butterfly display and explore our other science materials.

Thank you again for all that you have done for our classroom. We appreciate you.

With gratitude,
Ms. Ramos

Our Library is Lacking! We Need to Read! Send Books Please!


Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!! The big box of books arrived this morning, and I opened it with a few of my early birds before school. I wish I could convey the magic of the atmosphere as the excitement and wild squeals of delight drew more students into the classroom. We spread out all of the new books on the rug and sat in a circle, carefully passing them around one by one. I had to convince them to KEEP PASSING the books, repeatedly promising that everyone would get to pick a book to borrow AFTER all of us had a chance to see all of the new titles.

I snapped a few pics of the circle of books, and then each one of my kids got to select a book for today’s DEAR (Drop Everything and Read) time. They were SO excited! One little boy asked if he could go wash his hands before picking his book, because he didn’t want to risk getting it dirty. I love these kids! They are so sweet, and they DESERVE to have a great classroom library, and YOU MADE IT HAPPEN!!!!!!!

I accepted a lot of hugs of your behalf, dear donors. Please wrap your arms around yourself and SQUEEZE! We are so very grateful. Thank you for making 23 young lives better today. 🙂

With gratitude,
Ms. Owen

Supporting Good Behavior!


First of all, I want to apologize for this late thank-you letter; children enjoyed your wonderful donation and I’m so grateful that you helped me bring joy and pride in the classroom.

The class responded really well to the praise and the incentive. Little by little, they understood that their acts had consequences; you are a good citizen and a conscientious student, people notice. You could have done better, people notice as well. I do not reward regularly, so children just behave because it is the right thing to do, not for the prize. However, sometimes, it happens, and they enjoy that the “community” acknowledges their effort.

Once again, thank you for your support; thank you for helping secure a better future!

With gratitude,
Mrs. lee

Hands-on Science Center


Thank you again for supporting our classroom. It’s wonderful to know that you also believe in the importance of science for children.

We, the children and I, appreciate your donation of science activities which helps supplements our lack of engaging science materials. Not only do these activities hit our California standards but kids will actually learn through playing.

I deeply appreciate your help in the class. You are giving a chance to the kids to succeed in tomorrow’s world. Thank you again for supporting us.

With gratitude,
Ms. Telebrico

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