Girl Prep

On March 28, 2009 Jenny teamed up with Ambassadors Maiara Walsh, Brando Eaton, and Chris Rossi to host Girl Prep at the Renaissance Hollywood Hotel. An unbelievable red carpet turnout!

Girl Prep

Guests included:  Jansen Panettiere (A Perfect Game, Last day of Summer), Scott Bakula (Star Trek: The Enterprise), Austin Butler (ZOEY 101), Jason Dolley (Corey in the House), Madison Pettis (Corey in the House), Daniel Samonas (Wizards of Waverly Place), Bailee Madison (Bridge to Terabithia, Drake and Josh), Teen Pop Duo, THE G-GIRLZ (Keana Texeira and Savannah Van), Radio Disney artists Savvy and Mandy, John Marshall Jones (SMART GUY, NIP/TUCK), Girl Band KSM (The Jonas Group), Brittany Curran (Suite Life on Deck) and many more.

The first empowerment youth conference event of its kind developed and targeted to reach and teach girls ages 10-13 will take place on March 28, and plenty of celebrities will turn out to take part.

Co-founded by entrepreneur and philanthropist Manuela Testolini (formerly married to Prince), Girl Prep aims to help raise self-esteem, leadership skills, and confidence amongst young inner city girls, and is a response to increased community concern for early intervention in the lives of disadvantaged teen girls.

Hosted by Maiara Walsh and Brando Eaton, guests will include Jansen Panettiere, Scott Bakula, Austin Butler, Jason Dolley, Madison Pettis (Corey in the House), Vitamin C, and many more.

The evening will benefit In A Perfect World, a foundation founded by Manuela Testolini to help children around the US become compassionate, socially-conscious, and responsible leaders. In A Perfect World partners with schools and community-based organizations that implement innovative strategies and programs to develop this type of leadership in children.

“Through close collaboration, In a Perfect World will seek to enlarge what community-based organizations and public schools are able to do,” said Testolini. “We believe this to be important because so many schools and organizations are creating such significant, meaningful, and positive change in their communities, yet their innovative models and powerful messages do not receive the level of support needed to sustain and expand this change. We want to help give these types of organizations and programs a voice for the betterment of our communities…for the betterment of our children.” She goes on to say, “This foundation is based on the belief that when children and youth are given the platform and opportunity to express their dreams, thoughts and ideas, their desire for a perfect world can and will lead to significant changes in the world.”

Girl Prep

Girl Prep

Girl Prep

For more information about the event, click here.

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