Our Youth Ambassador program is designed to inspire and empower children to become compassionate, socially conscious and responsible leaders. Teens 14-18 years of age in Los Angeles and DC are given the opportunity to make a difference by coordinating projects to improve their community in areas that include health, environment, poverty, gender, justice, the arts and education. Ambassadors actively represent their region for a one-year term and are guided by the Youth Advisory Board.

Youth Ambassadors

We are actively looking for youth ambassadors in the LA and DC areas. If you’re interested or would like to nominate someone, please email us here.

Ambassador Projects

IAPW Ambassadors Celebrate Heart Health

IAPW Ambassadors Celebrate Heart Health

IAPW team comes together to celebrate with our friends at Horton's Kids. 

Back to School Backpack Drive

IAPW Backpack Drive

When Junior Ambassador Lucia Bella asked why the kids in Haiti don't have backpacks for their school books, we explained that not everyone has everything they need for school... like backpacks or simple school supplies. 

In a Perfect World Contributes To Successful Beach Cleanup

Earth Day Beach Cleanup

In a Perfect World, founded by Manuela Testolini, participated in Heal the Bay's Earth Month Nothin’ But Sand beach cleanup in support of Earth Day efforts on April 21, 2012 at Santa Monica Beach.

How to Save the World in 30 Minutes

How to Save the World in 30 Minutes

Ambassador Bosilika An presented a workshop entitled “How to Save the World in 30 Minutes” at our I Am Perfect Exactly As I Am event. 

An Earth Day Field Trip for an LA Classroom

Earth Day

To celebrate Earth Day 2010, IAPW Youth Ambassadors Bosilika and India organized an educational day of fun for kids from Ms. Ramos' class at Frank Del Omo Elementary school.

A Star in You - Maryvale

A Star in You

In November 2009, Youth Ambassdor Alexandra, designed & hosted an event for a group girls at the Maryvale Girls Home.