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In 2011, In a Perfect World launched a new mentoring program at The Bridge for Youth facilitated by Free Arts Minnesota, to provide focused art curriculum that brings a new understanding of social responsibility through diverse artistic experiences. 



student artworkIn the 2014 fall and 2015 spring terms, Free Arts Minnesota was once again able to provide quality arts mentorship to youth at The Bridge for Youth. In order to supplement the regular Weekly Mentorship programming, they had the additional programmatic goal of bringing guest artists into weekly sessions. By working closely with practicing community artists, resident youth were able to learn about new artistic mediums to an extent that mentors alone may not have been able to provide.
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Student PaintingsFree Arts and In a Perfect World have collaborated to provide focused art curriculum that brings a new understanding of social responsibility through diverse artistic experiences. For one of our most recent projects, “Painting for Positivity,” we brought in local painter, Jesse Golfis. He led a workshop where teens painted with bright colors first, then covered the image with ‘creative lines’ of tape, which was then covered with black paint. Once the painting dried, the youth took the tape off to reveal that, even in the darkness, there is light.
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Student Food ProjectsIn 2012, In A Perfect World Foundation and Free Arts Minnesota continued their Weekly Mentorship program at The Bridge For Youth providing young people with another year of quality weekly mentorship. Free Arts partnered with a local performance group called Face Forward to hire a number of teaching artists. In addition to the guest artists, Free Arts provided a “Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies” program which included arts-based curriculum on nutrition, such as food portraits, food sculptures and food photography, dance instructors that taught the teens new ways to be active, as well as culinary arts training.
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CommUNITY MuralIn 2011, In A Perfect World Foundation granted Free Arts Minnesota $10,000 to launch a Weekly Mentorship program at a new facility partner. In spring of 2011, Free Arts Minnesota began the process of developing a new facility partnership with The Bridge for Youth in Minneapolis with a primary objective to inspire and empower the youth to become compassionate, socially conscious and responsible leaders in our community. The Bridge for Youth is the only 24-hour runaway and homeless youth program in a residential setting in the region.
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